DevOps CD Architecture

DevOps Continuous Delivery Architecture

A continuous delivery architect is a a tool-agnostic individual engaged in the design, implementation, and management of DevOps deployment pipelines and toolchains that support Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing and, potentially, Continuous Deployment. A continuous delivery architect is also involved in defining or integrating underpinning processes, metrics, APIs and cultural considerations.



Course Objectives

The learning objectives for DevOps Continuous Delivery Architecture (CDA) include a practical understanding of:
– The principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
– Continuous Delivery vs. DevOps Continuous Integration practices
– Extending Continuous Integration to Continuous Deployment
– Principles for architecting a deployment pipeline
– Engaging Ops in Continuous Delivery
– Testing and continuous delivery
– Security and continuous delivery
– Continuous deployment and automated release
– Cultural and people consideration
– Change resistance
– Metrics Critical Success Factors, Risks, and Challenges
– Getting started


Successfully passing the certification exam leads to the candidate’s designation as a certified DevOps Continuous Delivery Architect (CDA)℠. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps Institute; exams are delivered through an independent, global examination partner.


– DevOps Foundation® certification course
– Completion of pre-class assignment


– Anyone involved in cultural transformations and organizational change
– Enterprise architects
– Software developers
– Build engineers
– Release managers and engineers
– Operational and infrastructure teams
– Security professionals
– Testers and QA managers
– IT Managers
– Project Managers
– Maintenance and support staffeth cloud mining

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